Six Easy Ways to Keep Your Carpets Clean

modern home with carpet rug

If you've moved into a new house or a new apartment recently, then you know what a great feeling it is to sink your feet into plush, new carpet. The reality is, however, that over time carpet is going to get dirty and is going to wear down. Protect your new carpet investment by following five easy carpet cleaning tips designed to help keep your carpets as clean as possible over a long period of time. These DIY carpet cleaning tips (I found more tips at this website, which you may find useful) are designed to give you control over your investment, and most of them are fairly inexpensive! Some, such as renting a carpet cleaning machine, will cost a little money but are worth the expense at least once a year.

Keep in mind that there are some things that you cannot prevent, such as normal wear and tear on inexpensive carpet. But do not get discouraged. Follow these five easy tips for DIY carpet cleaning!

1. Purchase rugs for your new carpet (see the carpet rug image example above. Laying several area rugs over your carpet is a great way to keep your carpets clean over time. You can periodically move around the area rugs and furniture to get a new look and to expose different areas of the carpet. However, placing an area rug on your carpet is an especially good way to protect carpet in a place that you do not own, such as a holiday rental home or an apartment. 

2. Vacuum your carpets regularly. By vacuuming your carpets at least once a week, you will manage the amount of dust, dirt, debris, hair, and other materials that become buried in the fibres of the carpet. Make vacuuming the carpets part of your Sunday chore routine, and you will stay on top of the dirt that threatens to make your carpets dirty over time.

3. Sprinkle carpet freshener powder on the carpet. Allow it to set it for about 10 or 15 minutes, or according to package instructions. Then, vacuum the carpets thoroughly. Once you are done, you will notice that the room feels fresh and scented. The powder will continue freshening the room over time. Use the powder on the carpets about once a month to keep the room and carpets smelling fresh and clean. 

4. Spot carpet cleaning: When you see a spot or you spill something on your carpet, clean it immediately. Blot the spill or stain with a paper towel and then gently press a warm, wet sponge on the stain. If the stain still remains, then apply a carpet-safe cleaner to the stain according the directions on the cleaner package.

5. Rent a carpet cleaning machine. This is a slight investment, but you can rent a machine from a local rental company for a day. Move all of the furniture out of the room first, vacuum it to remove surface dirt and hair, and then slowly steam the carpet to remove dust and dirt that has set into the carpet. A carpet cleaning machine is especially a great DIY carpet cleaning venture when you have stains that have been in the carpet for a while. You may also like to consider professional carpet cleaning (from a company like ), which can be highly effective when cleaning dirt carpets.

6. Consider implementing a shoes-off policy throughout your house. Adopting a shoes off policy throughout your house will help keep your carpets cleaner for longer, since there will be less opportunity for members of your household to walk in dirt and other matter onto your clean carpets.


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