Enhancing your Sydney Event with a Live String Quartet

live string quartetWhether you are planning a big corporate social event, a wedding and reception or another significant social event, you no doubt have devoted plenty of your time into creating the ultimate event. You want your social event to be perfect, and you may have spent days exploring local Sydney event venues like City Tattersails Club, the Crows Nest Hotel, the Ambassador Lounge and others. If you have some flexibility with the date, you may have painstakingly selected a summer month like January that has the nicest weather. Once the venue and date have been selected, you then have all of the smaller but infinitely important details to tend to. This includes which caterer to use, which foods will be on your menu and more. One of the most important decisions you may need to make is what type of entertainment you will provide for your guests. Music at your event is a necessity, but should you use a DJ, a live band or a live Sydney string quartet like

The Benefits of Live Entertainment
When you are debating whether to start interviewing string quartets or DJs for your event, it is important to review the benefits of using live entertainment at your event. When you utilise live entertainment, the entertainment may be a focal point of the affair. The DJ is simply someone who sits obscurely off in the corner. At truly high end functions, some DJs almost detract from the ambiance of the event with their bulky, unsightly equipment. String quartets Sydney, however, add to the ambiance of a high-class affair. Their beautiful instruments and professional appearance will add an upscale feel to any function. 

The Type of Music
DJs have the ability to play any songs that are in their music library. They certainly can spin symphony orchestra pieces if they have those in their selection. However, most DJs will carry only older and new popular music. They may feature genres like pop, rock, oldies, country, alternative and more. Their selection of more sophisticated music is often limited. For some weddings and other social events, using popular music of today and yesterday is fitting of the occasion. However, some events demand beautifully played, instrumental songs. Some of these songs may also be instrumental versions of modern pieces, but others will feature a more sophisticated, classic vibe. 

The fact is that the use of a DJ may be suitable for some occasions, but it may not be right for yours. Take a moment to envision what your event will be like. Do you hear the sweet sounds of instrumental songs played by string quartets like in your vision? The right music can truly set the tone of your event, so spend time making this decision carefully.


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