Travel the country in an off road camper trailer

off road camper trailer driving through creek in 4wdIf you’ve decided to scare your spouse with a life change desire to travel the country on the road, using a camper trailer is a fun way to go about it. A mobile living unit hitched to a travel car instantly creates a moving hotel with all your personal amenities inside. Granted, living on the move with a partner may get a bit cramped after all the tourist kitsch starts finding its way into the various cupboards and nooks, but that’s half the fun of travel anyway.

Camper trailers come in all sizes and shapes as well as budgets. I've found to offer a pretty reasonable range, and are worth a look. There are very basic, low-cost models that are probably big enough for one hermit-type user. These trailers typically come in the form of a pop-up design where the frame is a folded, flexible system that expands to a semi-tent enclosure. Mid-grade models are built as full-size, aluminium units with windows and a door and enough space for a very tight couple. They make a great adventure camper trailer for a young couple madly in love or an old couple trying all over again. Spot probably has to sleep outside with his leftover bone in either case.

Keep in mind, however, a camping trailer does require some regular maintenance. While their design works well outside, over time the interior gets a bit banged up and the outside may get dirty over time. A good wash and repair or replacement of interior components can keep a camping trailer going for a long time. When put in storage, the unit should be stripped of its internal appliances. This avoids the problem of theft when the camper is stored at a rental yard or similar storage location. When ready to use again, a good run-through on all the camping trailers functions should be checked. This avoids surprises at the first campsite of the season.

For someone who's on a limited income but still wants to enjoy living on the road, used camper trailers can provide an alternative as well. Granted, a buyer needs to do some good research and check out a trailer thoroughly before buying it. Used camper trailers can be found in stellar bargain shape or on their last leg with tag-a-long guests that no one wants in their trailer or in their house for that matter.

For the extreme types, an off road camper trailer, for example this one here might be an option but consider having a good truck or towing vehicle to get in and out of off road locations. An off road camper trailer is no different from any other camper trailer when it gets stuck. It just doesn't move. So anticipating the problem, and utilising a vehicle incorporating more than enough torque can make a short work of a slippery road or mud spot.
Trailers of any size do need to be licensed for public roads in most jurisdictions. However, this is not a big deal, and you’ll just need to make contact with your local transport authority.

So if you're thinking about it, it’s worth doing your research, and finding the right camping home on wheels for your needs. Then get out of the house and enjoy!


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