Know The Facts About Plastic Bags and Rubbish Removal

plastic bags for shoppingNew research that has been conducted in UK reveals that our notion about plastic carrier bags is wrong. We have all along been thinking that they are causing a great havoc to our environment. But, in reality, they are not all that bad. Of course, the report of this finding is yet to be published. That is the reason we still continue blaming the disposable plastic bags for our environmental pollution. According to a UK Environment Agency's draft report, the bags made of High Density Polythene that is otherwise known as HDPE are greener than many other choices. The damage caused to the climate by HDPE bags is 200 times less than what is caused by cotton hold-alls. These plastic bags are better than paper bags also. Carbon Dioxide emission due to paper bags is three times more.

This research has found out that paper bags are at present used only once and cotton bags are used 51 times before they are thrown away and the damages that can be caused by them are worse than the plastic bags that are used for a single purpose. For matching the impact of every lightweight plastic bag, a cotton bag should be used daily for one whole year or every paper bag should be used thrice before being thrown away. But, the findings of the research are yet to be made public.

It has become quite evident that by banning plastic bags, we may not have any meaningful effect on carbon emissions or on global warming. But, this does not mean that plastic bags do not have disadvantages. They contribute heavily to accumulation of rubbish. Rubbish removal by companies like becomes more difficult if these plastic bags are allowed to accumulate. Another problem is that they get blown by the winds and pollute our gardens, parks and forests. If rubbish removals of these plastic bags are not done on time, a lot of landfill space gets wasted.

It is a proven fact that marine life is endangered by litter agglomerations caused in the oceans by plastic bags. Re-using and creation of plastic bags contribute heavily to global warming and carbon dioxide emissions.

It has also been established that a large percentage of the supermarket packaging can not be recycled at all. Some of the waste removal companies use the plastic of supermarket packaging for landfill without knowing that this waste can produce a lot of carbon. The left-over food items in the packaging can contribute to carbon emissions also. The packaging used for landfill will rot and emit methane, a highly potent greenhouse gas.

But, according to the findings of the above unpublished research, a discussion about the contribution of plastic bags from a carbon point of view itself is irrelevant. This is because these findings say that, “The HDPE bag had the lowest environmental impacts of the single use options in nine of the 10 impact categories. The bag performed well because it was the lightest single use bag considered.”

But, if you consider the litter and marine pollution that may be caused by plastic bags, limiting their use and re-using them will certainly reduce their harmful effects. Rubbish removal in Sydney by would become easy also. Even if alternatives are chosen, these alternatives should be used a number of times to have the best effect on the environment.

I'd recommend having a read of the Clean Up Australia page about rubbish bags, which includes interesting facts and figures.


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